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Pet Insurance

We are often asked about pet insurance here at Titan Veterinary Services.  While, we are not a partner with any particular insurance company, we can offer some advice on the matter.  We do recommend that you consider pet insurance as a means to offset the cost of pet ownership.  Each company and plan will differ in terms, but the general operation is the same.  You will be responsible for initial payment, then you will submit a claim with an invoice.  If you are further interested in obtaining a quote for your pet, please consider the companies below.

One other thing to note - we will assist you with anything the insurance company requires, but keeping accurate records and invoices is ultimately the pet owner's responsibility.

ASPCA Pet insurance offers plans with complete coverage and up to 90% back to the owner.


Nationwide (formerly VPI) offers low monthly cost plans that can cover wellness costs as well.


Embrace Pet Insurance offers plans that can cover some very high-cost treatment plans.


Trupanion plans cover hereditary issues, congenital conditions, and emergency care.


AKC Pet Insurance offers plans that cover accidents and illnesses.

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