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How much does this service cost?

We are unable to give flat quotes as each visit or service may involve more than either party anticipated.  However, if you contact our office, we will be able to provide an estimate based on some questions.  This is only an estimate as the veterinarian is the only party involved that can tell you what is required.

Why does my pet need X?

Pet healthcare is ever changing and we strive to maintain standards set by the veterinary professional industry.  We offer suggestions based on your pet's current needs.  These suggestions take into account your pet's current situation and any anticipated activities.  We understand the cost of healthcare is ever-rising, and we do take that into account.  But our primary goal is to advocate for a healthy and happy pet.

Am I able to get medication elsewhere?

We understand that you have a responsibility to keep costs down.  As such, you are welcome to obtain medication somewhere other than our practice.  However, it should be from a trusted, reliable source.  We warn our clients of obtaining medications from over seas as we are unable to determine if the medication is properly sourced and tested.  All medications are subject to strict federal guidelines and regulations.

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